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Ayurvedic Patent Proprietary medicine Approved by AYUSH (Haryana)

The Ayurveda-guided proprietary Garudi Kwath herbal concoction brings together the therapeutic efficacy of multiple herbs to reduce the impact of viral infections and inflammation. Its natural antipyretic quality helps in all kinds of viral fevers.  As a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, Garudi is the best natural way for balancing  the overall immune system and helping the body to defend against virus-induced pathogenesis.

measure against viral infections. It is believed that Garudi provides strong support in building natural antiviral immunity by strengthening the interferon-mediated immune system. IFNs are known to suppress viral replication and allow rapid recovery from fever and associated symptoms.

₹ 1255/-

₹ 650

Zero Congest

Balancing Strategies for Kapha

Gives relief from sinus & nasal congestion by steam inhalation with zero congest Ayurvedic botanical blend, the main benefit of steam inhalation is to ease feelings of irritation and relief swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages with thinning of mucus . This allows your breathing return to normal.

  • Sinus relief: Tea tree oil is one of  the key  ingredients of this blend. The anti-microbial properties of  this  has been proven to be effective  in  sinuses by clearing the nasal passages.
  • Natural pain reliever: Massaging the areas near your neck, shoulder and on the bridge of the nose with a couple of drops of this blend with any carrier oil will instantly bring down the aches.
  • Natural stress reliever: Lavender oil in this  blend helps to relax both mind and body. It may also aid in sound sleep while clearing stuffy nose and chest.
  • Fights cold and cough: The natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti- inflammatory and decongestant properties of the essential oils used in this blend help to improve the immunity system against cold and cough.



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